Recent changes to vacation rental rules in the county of Maui restrict new vacation rental permits. Now in order to apply for a vacation rental permit, you must own the property for 5 years before applying for the permit. The new rules have tightened the ability for homeowners that are also trying to sell previous vacation rented properties. There are some properties that are designed around being specific vacation rentals. However, now they will have a much tougher time to sell.

The changes come as the Maui County Council begins to try and reduce the number of vacation rentals on the island of Maui in an effort to open up more residential housing. This is a valiant effort but does not come close to addressing the need for affordable housing which the majority of vacation rentals homes did not meet this criteria.

Solutions for Maui housing crunch are sure to come in the future as the crunch reaches crisis levels. As more and more regulations and laws are in acted, it is yet to be seen if it will make a difference in the overall affordability of Maui.

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