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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access my unit?

    The arrival instructions to your unit will be emailed to you prior to check in. Check your email for instructions on how to enter.

  • How do I check in?

    Most of our properties do not require that you check in at an office prior to going to your unit. The properties that do require check in have offices open 24/7. If you arrive late at night you don’t have to struggle checking in. Please review your arrival instructions to see if you need to check in or if you can go directly to the unit. Many resorts do require you check in the next day at the front desk to get a pass for your car and they may collect your contact information for emergency purposes.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    You must cancel your reservation 30 days prior to check in to receive a refund. Please contact the property manager with any questions should you need to cancel your reservation.

  • Do I need to leave my unit clean?

    No, you are on vacation and your unit will be cleaned after your leave. However, if you leave the unit excessively dirty you may be subject to additional cleaning fees. Please contact the property manager with questions.

  • What time is check out and check in?

    Check in is at 4pm on the day of your reservation. Check out is at 11 am on the day of your reservation.

  • Can I get a late check out?

    This will depend on unit and cleaner availability. Please contact the property manager as soon as possible if you are requesting a late check out. There may be additional fees associated with a late check out.

  • Can I get an early check in?

    Early check in is possible if we have the unit cleaned. There is no additional cost for early check in but it is subject to availability of the unit. Please contact the property manager to request an early check in.

  • What if I miss my flight and arrive a day late?

    We do not rebook the unit if you are a day late like some other management companies. Your unit is saved until you arrive so don’t worry about it. Please just give us a quick call so we know you will be arriving a day or so late.

  • Do you have discounts for repeat guests?

    Yes, we love repeat guests. Please contact the property manager so we can get you setup on a repeat guest coupon.

  • What is the property manager’s phone number?

    The main number for our office is 808-892-3382. After hours, you can call our office two times in a row for our system to recognize it’s an emergency. In case of a critical emergency like fire or something safety related, please dial 911. If you have a maintenance emergency, please call our office at 808-892-3382 as well as contacting the front office of the condo building to alert them to the problem.

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