We keep having people ask us how we keep our occupancy rates up so high. Well we could give away our algorithms here but we won’t. However, even with our Booking Algorithm, it still requires attention to detail and constant striving to do better. Our philosophy is around the idea that if our clients are making more money and are heavily booked, then they will want to keep their unit. Thus, they will want to keep us as their manager as well.

Not only are we getting some of the highest occupancies on the island of Maui, but we are seeing higher rental rates due to our large syndication to our integration partners. It pays to work with a finance software engineer of 20 years that knows how to setup and manage the property management business.

We hope to work with you for life and we want to grow our business as you grow your investments. We wish you the best for a profitable 2019 and an ever more profitable 2020.

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